Grant Gillette Michigan Steam

Grant Gillette of Michigan Steam

“Pail Packs are a lifesaver. With the extreme Northeast winters you don’t have to worry about your barrels of soap freezing. Also great to save storage space.”

Steve Dershimer Professional Equipment Centre

Steve Dershimer of Professional Equipment Centre in Port Matilda, PA

“It’s highly concentrated so you use very little soap, rinses very quickly with reduced spotting in my hard water, mineral area. I’m amazed at how long the sheen lasts on the vehicles. Days later cars still look like they’re waxed. I use this product (Trionic 3000) as a broad spectrum soap for multiple jobs including antique cars like a 57 Chevy, a Cobra, motorcycles, houses and more.
I sell this product with 110 % Confidence.”

Bill Pigg Quality First

Bill Pigg of Quality First

“I’ve used Brown Derby and Panel Brite before and the Volcano leaves those other soaps in the dirt.  Best product I’ve ever used.”

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