Accessories for your Detergents


32 ounce Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer
32 oz Trigger Sprayers
32 ounce clear bottle with cap
32 ounce Bottles
1 gallon clear bottle with cap
1 Gallon Bottles
5 gallon pail with Rieke pour spout lid
5 Gallon Pail
55 gallon blue barrel with buttress bung adapters
55 Gallon Barrel
Vector Product Labels
Buttress bung adapter coarse/thin thread
Buttress Bung Adapters Coarse Thin Thread
5-gallon pail siphon pump
5 Gallon Syphon Pump
55-gallon barrel siphon pump – plastic
55 Gallon Syphon Pump Plastic
55-gallon barrel siphon pump – metal
55 gallon metal syphon pump

SOLD BY CONTAINER (larger quantities available upon request)

Cheater Wax
Cheater Wax
An add-on product for vehicle detergents. It leaves a wax like finish on a vehicle, beading, shine and all. It will last from days to weeks, depending on the weather.
FCA-2 defoamer
An industrial strength defoamer for use in any job that will have moderate to high foaming problems. It will provide excellent long term defoaming properties.
Foaming Additive
Foaming Additive
A powder additive that increases any detergent’s foaming capabilities significantly.
Our Fragrance Additive is designed for use with alkaline detergents. Adding 8 ounces of Fragrance to a 55-gallon barrel of soap can create unique cleaning choices for your customers’ needs. Available in Bubble-Gum, Cherry, Fresh n’ Clean, French Vanilla, New Leather, Ocean, Orange Blossoms and Powder Fresh.
Odor B Gone
Revolutionary deodorizer designed to eliminate unpleasant odors by molecularly binding with them. It doesn’t mask odors, it gets rid of them !
An oxygen generating general purpose detergent that cleans, brightens and whitens and can be used for virtually any application including but not limited to deck cleaning, wood bleaching, floors, aluminum sidings, colored awnings, walls, carpets, laundry, vehicles and equipment and more. It’s completely chlorine free. Alternative to Oxy-Clean !
Scale Inhibitor
Scale Inh
A product designed to prevent the formation of scale build-up in coils. If used on a regular basis, it will maintain your coils and equipment in peak condition.

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